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Zotero with 3GPP and IETF specifications

What to do if you cannot use LaTeX and BibTeX to publish your document and manage the references? .. And you want to cite standards in a different way than e.g., books and articles?

One possibility is a free, open source referencing system Zotero (MS Word Mac/Windows and Open Office). It supports bibtex import and export etc. and comes as a Firefox extension and word plugin. Whenever you find a reference from Internet you can click the URL bar to add it as a reference to your library.

For a collaborative book project we wanted to refer to 3GPP and IETF specifications in a special way, e.g., [TS23.401] and [RFC3344], and [draft-ietf-x-y-00]. However, Zotero did not support this kind of mixture with normal book and article references (e.g., (J. Smith, 2009), or [4]). Thus, I took some existing tools (see links below) and modified them for creating suitable .bib files from 3GPP and IETF specifications. Then I modified Zotero Harward style file for doing the magic. The same can be done for e.g., IEEE style easily. I used these with Zotero 2.0 beta.

All the files with README.txt can be downloaded from here.

The resulting style with references and bibliography can be seen in this PDF file and in the image below.